Drumroll please… It’s time to announce the winners of December’s Top Level Showcase!

We wrapped up last year with some great achievements, including our Top Winner’s best record – 15 points – being broken. Congratulations to all of December’s top Top Level designers. Keep up the great work!

Here’s a look at who nabbed December’s top titles:

99 Top Level Top Winner: syakuro (18 points)


99 Top Level Most Shortlisted: swantz (31 points)


99 Top Level Master of all Trades: betiobca (6 points)


And for those of you curious about who else was in the running, here’s a list of contenders close to making it to the top:

  • 99 Top Level Top Winner contenders: KPGS (12 pts) & Fenixo (11 pts)
  • 99 Top Level Most Shortlisted contenders: syakuro (31 pts) & cindric (27 pts)
  • 99 Top Level Master of all Trades contenders: arkum (5 pts) & Holiday26 (5 pts)

Congratulations to all our Top Level designers who’ve made it to the top last year! We’ll have more fun challenges coming up this year. Stay tuned!