Gordana Peric (or .g. as we know her) is a full-time designer based in Serbia. Although she works at an agency by day, Gordana still loves participating on 99designs in her free time to explore new creative ideas and grow more as a designer.

Her packaging and labels often include elegant patterns and eye-catching colors that look gorgeous on any shelf. But to keep things fresh, she experiments with logos, brochures and (most recently) websites.

We chatted with Gordana about her favorite project, her experience on 99designs and her creative process.

Name: Gordana Peric
99designs handle.g.
Location: Serbia
Specialty: Packaging & logo design

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Gordana. I’m 31 years old and I currently live and work in Belgrade, Serbia full-time at an agency. I spend my free time working on 99designs.

Did you go to school for design or are you self-taught?

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in design and a Master’s degree in computer science. Even during my studies I worked on 99designs, which really helped me grow as designer and continue to build my career in this field.

olive oil packaging
Oil label design
What’s your favorite type of project to work on?

I used to work mostly on packaging and logo design projects, but since last year I got involved in web design and really got into it. It was something fresh that I needed and where I am still exploring and searching for the best way to express my ideas.

Besides that I still do a lot of packaging and label design projects occasionally also logos, brochures, anything fun…

What’s your typical creative process? How to you come up with your design concepts?

I do quite a lot of research for each project I take, but after that I just like to let my thoughts wonder while trying to combine various ideas into something new. I can’t work without music, it is a great part of my life and my work.

What’s your experience on 99designs been like so far?

It has been absolutely amazing! I grew on 99designs as a designer and have evolved through working on amazing projects. It connected me to some great clients and great people which I am really thankful for.

chocolate packaging design
Casteller Chocolateria
Do you have a favorite project you’ve worked on?

It is really difficult to name one project—there were many projects and clients I really enjoyed working with. Perhaps one I could mention is packaging design for Mallorcan chocolates since it is one of the works I am mostly proud of.

We worked on packaging, which was inspired by Spanish tilework called azulejos and which required illustrating tile-inspired patterns and creating hexagonal-shaped chocolates and boxes, as well as traditional ones.

Where do you like to do most of your work?

In my home office for sure which I share with my husband who is also a designer and our cat which is occasionally running over keyboards.


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